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Infusion sets and equipment

Infusion sets for gravity feed

Infusion sets are used to deliver infusion solutions from bottles or plastic bags into a patient´s vein by gravity. The´re idividually sterile packed and designed for single use only.

Infusion sets for overpressure infusion for pumps Ivac Star-flow

It´s used for therapeutic administration of infusion solutions from bottles or bags using infusion pumps IVAC Star-flow.

Infusions sets for gravity or overpressure infusion

They are used for therapeutic administration of infusion solutions from bottles (bags) by gravity or using infusion pumps INFUSOMAT P, ARGUS 707, A400, A404, A414, VOLUMED µVP5005 .
The products have a drop chamber with a ring for fitting in optical drop sensor, 15 µm infusion filter, vented spike with hydrophobic bacterial filter, flow controller (clamp with wheel), transparent PVC tube 3.0/4.1 mm and positive connection cone Male Luer Lock.

Venous pressure meters

Venous pressure meters are intended for the approximate determination of the patient's central venous pressure (CVP). The value of the patient's central venous pressure indirectly informs about the level of hydration and the size of the venous return and is therefore only indicative. This is not a treatment procedure but a way of monitoring the trend of CVP. The scale on the manometric branch is only indicative and is not used as a gauge, it only serves to determine the approximate value of CVP. A central venous catheter is used to accurately measure the CVP value.

Needles ports

The needleless port is a closed, safety system ensuring microbiological safety, which is designed for repeated application and aspiration from intravenous accessories (syringes, infusion sets, cannulas, taps, catheters, extension tubes) with Luer termination when performing infusion therapy, injection therapy, sampling, chemotherapy and can also be used in magnetic resonance imaging. The color resolution of the needle-free inputs in red and blue makes it easier to identify an arterial or venous line.
The needleless inlet must always be replaced after a maximum of 7 days or after 100 connections.

Three way taps, ramps

Taps, ramps are intended for concurrent infusion therapies when administering infusions or medicaments. They allow setup, control or termination of required fluid flow direction. They´re intended for pressure as well as gravity applications up to 2 bar pressure for up to the maximum 72 hours for three-way taps or 1.5 bar for a maximum 72 hours for ramps. Can also be used for lipid solutions.


The double- ended piercing spikes are designed for the transfer, dilution, mixing of sterile solutions or medicaments in a closed system between two containers (bottles) which are closed with a rubber stopper.
The safety valves are intended for taking blood samples using a syringe and needle or for intermittent medicaments injections. The rubber stopper is made of latex-free material, allows reusable use and provides protection against bacterial contamination.

Flow regulators

The infusion flow regulator is designed to regulate the flow of gravity infusion. It can be used for physiological solutions with a viscosity of 0.9% NaCl up to 40% glucose solutions. It´s universal for connection to all types of infusion sets. It´s recommended for use with i.v. 20G cannula.