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Accessories for dialysis

Priming set for the dialysis sets - used for physiological preparation of dialysis sets and dialysing machines before dialysis treatment. The sets are fitted with special terminals that can be used to remedy undesired complications during dialysis (hypotension).
HD taking set is intended for taking of bacteriological sample from physiological solution of hemodialysis machine before treatment or thereafter.
Reversion set is intended for reversion of needle connections in blood vessel access to the dialysis set performed during measurement of blood flow through blood vessel access during hemodialysis.
GAMAPLUS 3.0 x 450 MVT - it is used for dialysis on GAMBRO, FRESENIUS, ALTHIN 1000 and HOSPAL monitors in case where more gauges of arterial or venous pressure need to be connected to the dialysis set with lower gauge connections. The connections are made by screwing the positive threaded connector to some of the side branches of the dialysis set.
Separation filter is used for protection of the gauges against blood or liquid ingress and against microbial contamination (e.g. during dialysis).
HDF on-line set  is intended for application of substitution solution for the process of on-line hemo-diafiltration which is to be prepared in the appliance during the procedure performed on dialysis monitors of Dialog Plus made by B-Braun.

Flow Reversal Device

PVC transparent tubes 4.5/6.8 mm with colour coded components: blue Male Luer Lock connector for connecting to venous needle of blood vessel access, red Male Luer Lock connector for connection to arterial needle of blood vessel access, negative Female Luer Lock connector with blue cover for connection to venous branch of dialysis set, negative Female Luer Lock connector with red cover for connection to arterial branch of dialysis set, blue spring button for venous flow start/stop, red spring button for arterial flow start/stop, white clamps for reversing flow start/stop.

HDF on-line set

PVC transparent tubes with dimensions of 4.5./6.8. mm and 3.5./5.5. mm, having the hardness of 75 ShA. The tube of pumping segment PVC 6/10 mm, the hardness of 61ShA and length of 330 mm. Connecting positive MLL cone at the input, reverse valve and positive MLL cone at the outlet. Branch line fitted with clamp and ended by a connecting cone with negative FLL.

Priming set of dialysis sets PS 003

without collection bag





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