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Petri dish Ø 90 mm AP 2 - compartmentlogo CE

Product No.: V204421
Name (abbreviation): Petri dish Ø 90 mm AP 2 - compartment
Version: UV-C disinfection
Group packaging: 1 pack/20 pcs
24 pack x 20 pcs/carton
Shipping packaging: 480 pcs/carton
9.600 pcs/480 pack/pallet

Petri dishes are designed for the cultivation of microorganisms on nutrient and photosensitive bacteriological soils and tissue cultures for oncological and virological purposes.

The design ensures stability in stacking. Material (PS) suitable for contact with food. UV disinfection - production and packaging in hygiene space with UV-C radiation in automatic mode without direct entry of people. 

External diameter of dish 88 mm, external diameter of lid 92 mm, height of set 14 mm. Lid with triple venting protrusions. Each batch is checked for internal sterility according Czech Pharmacopea 2017.