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Microtitration plates and other

Microtitration plate U and P

The micro-titration plates  U and P unsterile  are intended for diagnostic examinations in laboratories.

The micro-titration plates U a P  are intended for perform of series diagnostic examinations in vitro diagnostic.

Terasaki microtitration plates

Terasaki micro-titration plate is intended for in vitro diagnostic for tests of antigens and antidotes in a cytotoxic way.

Microtitration plates P divided

The divided micro-titration plates  intended for in vitro diagnostic are used for series diagnostic examinations in laboratories for serological purposes. With the ability to sort individual strips of detection holes in the required quantity and sequence these products can be used in the examination of low volume samples. The inlays are intended for separate assembly of MTD divided by P directly by the user. However, we recommend complete MTD sets divided by P.