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Nasal aspirator with Vacuum Cleaner Adapterlogo CE

Product No.: V626150-ND
Name (abbreviation): Nasal aspirator with Vacuum Cleaner Adapter
Version: non sterile
Group packaging: -
Shipping packaging: 60 pcs/carton
1.440 pcs/pallet

Extracting Using a Vacuum Cleaner - Attach the aspirator to the vacuum cleaner and place the tube with the safety nasal tip to the nostril of the baby. After turning the vacuum on, extract the mucus.

Extracting without a Vacuum Cleaner - Do not use the adapter. Hold the tube with the nasal tip at the baby´s nose, hold the mouth piece in your mouth, and extract the mucus. 


  • complete production in the Czech Republic
  • from health-conscious materials produced without exception in the EU !
  • does not contain any glass parts
  • non-toxic
  • equipped with a safety  nasal tip which cannot be inserted deeper into the nose and therefore the mucosa canot be injured
  • certified as a CE marked medical device
  • there are two ways to use the product - using the vacuum cleaner or in a standard way as a manual aspirator
  • limiting contact with the infected baby and adhering to hygiene practices
  • extracting the mucus with a vacuum cleaner is fast, safe and effective
  • the connection to the vacuum cleaner is designed with a universal adapter suitable for all types of household vacuum cleaners with a power up to 1800 W
  • optimum length and diameter of the tubes for efficient suction and cleaning
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A transparent  container with a lid (10 ml), 4.0/6.0 mm PVC tube with mouth piece, 4.0/6.0 mm PVC tube with a nasal tip, connection cone and a 900 mm tube with a vacuum cleaner connector. 

The nasal aspirator is intended for children under the age of 3 who cannot blow their nose on their own. It is used to suck out excess mucus from the child's nasal cavity, which can cause coughing or ear infections. In the case of a Nasal aspirator with a Vacuum Cleaner Adapter, the vacuum generated by the vacuum cleaner is used for suction.