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GAMAPLUS 3,0x150 LCHlogo CE

Product No.: V606372-ND
Name (abbreviation): GAMAPLUS 3,0x150 LCH
Version: Sterile-EO
Group packaging: 10 pack x 30 pcs
Shipping packaging: 300 pcs/carton
7.200 pcs/pallet
printInstructions for use
  • the set meets the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 8536-9 standard
  • DEHP-free
  • can be used for applications up to 0.5 bar pressure
  • tube 3.0/4.2 mm, length 150 mm
  • connection end without Male Luer thread
  • connecting end funnel end Charriére Ch12 white

A single use medical device intended to extend or connect one or two infusion or transfusion sets to an intravenous needle.