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Plant Jimramov

Plant Jimramov

Plant Jimramov is located in Vysočina Region close to Žďár nad Sázavou. This is reconstructed plant of former textile factory and opened in 1993. Since then, disposable medical devices have been produce here from plastics such as transfusion, infusion sets, dialysis accessories, catheters, GAMAPLUS tubes and other special sets. Important part of the production focuses on OEM products and services for important world producers.

plant Jimramov
Ubušínská 20
592 42 Jimramov
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The production takes place in clean spaces of ISO 8 class according to ČSN EN ISO 14 644-1.  The plant has implemented quality management system for medical products according to EN ISO 13 485.


  • Prague 182 km
  • Brno 72 km
  • Vienna 221 km
  • Motorway D1 55 km

Offered services:

  • Design, development and production of disposable medical products from plastic materials
  • Full services in the field of injection of plastic materials, extrusion of hoses, assembly and ethylenoxide sterilization
  • Integration of customer products in design
  • Design and production of prototypes
  • Design and production of moulds including validations

Production technologies (clean spaces):

  • Injection of plastic materials on injection presses to maximum clamp force 1600 kN
  • Extrusion of hoses on extrusion lines
  • Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic assemblies
  • Packing on Multivac packing machines
  • In-house ETO sterilization chamber
  • Design and production of moulds and dies in our die shop

Used materials:

  • Plasticized and hard PVC (DOP, NO DOP), PP, PE, PS, TPE, ABS, PC, MABS, POM


Phone: +420 566 590 113
E-mail: gama.jim@gama.cz

Working hours - Expedition department:
Mon - Fri: 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.